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Oosawagi Tengoku

Single Regular Edition Type-A Cover
2nd Generation
Oosawagi Tengoku (大騒ぎ天国; Uproar in Heaven)
Akimoto Yasushi
Honda Masaki
Other Information
Arrangement: Honda Masaki


"Oosawagi Tengoku" is a song recorded by 2nd Generation. It appears on the single "Nemohamo Rumor" as track #3 on the Type-A edition. 2nd Generation refers to AKB48 members that joined in 2014 or later (Draft 2nd-3rd gen, 16th gen, Ma Chia-Ling), as opposed to the original Team K members.


There are currently two recorded versions of "Oosawagi Tengoku" found in AKB48's discography. These versions are:

Oosawagi Tengoku (Original)
Found on the "Nemohamo Rumor" single as track #3.
Oosawagi Tengoku off vocal ver.
Found on the "Nemohamo Rumor" single as track #6. This is the standard version without the main vocals.

Selected Members

Artist: 2nd Generation

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