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Kimi wa Boku no Kaze

Single Regular Edition Type-A Cover
Kimi wa Boku no Kaze (君は僕の風; You Are My Wind)
Akimoto Yasushi
Toyama Daisuke
Other Information
Arrangement: APAZZI


"Kimi wa Boku no Kaze" is a song recorded by AKB48, sung by AKB48 Group Center Exam Senbatsu. It appears on the single "Teacher Teacher" as track #2.

Selected Members

Artist: AKB48 Group Center Exam Senbatsu (AKB48グループ センター試験選抜)

(Center: Mukaichi Mion)

This song is performed by the top 16 members of the AKB48 Group Center Exam taken on March 10, 2018. Listed in parentheses are their rankings, with several ties.

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