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Next Girls

Next Girls (ネクストガールズ) is a special AKB48 single unit that is used during the group's Senbatsu Elections.


Next Girls was first introduced in AKB48's 27th single Gingham Check, singing the B-side Do Re Mi Fa Onchi. It composed of the 16 girls that ranked 33-48 in the 4th Senbatsu Election. Since it was introduced alongside Future Girls, the total number of ranked girls increased from 40 to 64, providing more chances for girls to rank in the election.

Currently, Next Girls is composed of girls who ranked from #33 to #48.

AKB48 Next Girls

Do Re Mi Fa Onchi

(Center: Iwasa Misaki)

Kondokoso Ectasy

(Center: Sato Amina)

Hitonatsu no Hankouki

(Center: Fujie Reina)

Mizu no Naka no Dendouritsu

(Center: Anai Chihiro)

Shinka Shitenee jan

(Center: Yagura Fuuko)

Tomadotte Tameratte

(Center: Kato Yuuka)


(Center: Taniguchi Megu)